K9 FTO Dog Psychology & Problem Solving Course

Eliminating confusion about how dogs think and process information that's critical to your team's survival.

Online course for the K9 Field Training Officer Program

The stakes are too high to not know how your dog's mind works.

What you don't know will hurt your survival as a K9 team.

Do you know why your dog suddenly doesn't properly do their job during high stakes deployments?
Are you able to explain how your K-9 processes information in court?
How reliable and consistent is your K-9 in all environments?

Understand your K9's mind

It'll make your job easier...

And, it might just save lives.

8 modules are included in this comprehensive course.

Meet your instructor Brian Gagye.

Brian Gagye is a dog psychologist and President of Canines on Duty. 

He served in the United States Marine Corps as a Scout Sniper. 

After his time in the Marines, he worked for a sheriff’s department in Michigan until he was injured in the line of duty and later worked for a specialized security company.

Brian has also been training dogs for over 25 years and specializes in dog psychology. 

Brian ran his own kennels for 10 years and sold them to focus on his studies in cognitive psychology. 

He has taught his dog psychology and problem-solving seminars for police officers and civilians internationally.


He believes it is not just understanding dogs, it is also understanding how we perceive information.

Brian knows that how we perceive information is translated into plans of action (behavior) which make or breaks the relationship we have with our dogs. He teaches how situations effect a dog's behavior and how to adjust the handlers mindset, assisting in fixing problematic areas within the dog’s behavior. 

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